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The Year of Accelerated Change

As we move into the final quarter of 2020 and look ahead to 2021, there are significant learnings we can glean from the first half of the year. The newest installment of FreeWheel’s U.S. Video Marketplace Report is here and focuses on how the turbulence of this year affected consumer behavior and accelerated trends across the industry.

Download the U.S. H1 2020 Video Marketplace Report for a complete look at the data and analyses that reveal the complexities of television’s ongoing evolution, including a look at how the pandemic disrupted media and marketing, TV included, but also how advertisers continue to take advantage of premium TV’s targeting capabilities and immersive experience.

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The Year of Accelerated Change

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Virginie Dremeaux
Executive Director, Product and Sales Marketing International

Advertising during lockdown: Capturing the consumer mood across three European markets

As Europe rises to the task of slowly and safely emerging from the Covid-19 lockdown, brands are facing another challenge:…

Virginie Dremeaux
Executive Director, Product and Sales Marketing International

Adapting ad strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic: A French snapshot

Of the many themes coursing through the Covid-19 conversation, perhaps the most powerful is the idea that the global pandemic…

Anthony Viscuse
Head Of Linear Media Strategy & Development
Diane Broglie
Head of Digital Supply Partnerships and Strategy

STB VOD: No Longer Advertising’s Underdog

Today’s TV viewer is constantly embracing new alternatives for content delivery, as the definition of TV continues to expand. Connected…

David Clark
General Manager

Fully Operational and Here for Our Clients

First and foremost, I want to personally thank our clients for partnering with us during this unprecedented period.  We are…

Sarah Foss
SVP, Strategic Initiatives

Before Anyone Else—Celebrating Women’s History Month with My TechBae

It started over a glass of wine.  (Or two.)  Five of us gathered to catch-up and commiserate about the craziness of the industry, jobs,…

Emmanuel Josserand
Brand, Agency and Industry Relations

The Delicate Art of Balancing Ad Load

Broadcasters and Publishers have been very diligent at orchestrating and carefully crafting appropriate ad load balance to ensure maximum consumer…

Jesus Mascias
Sr. Product Manager

Putting it back together: Solving for Measurement Fragmentation with the Open Measurement Approach

The advent of digital TV brought the promise of better proof of advertising effectiveness, which resulted in the emergence of…